System Builder Co.

The system builder was established in the Kingdom since 2013 until we became one of the best companies in the field of interior finishes for commercial and administrative activities. We build your future
We provide all solutions of designs, construction and implementation with all professionalism, which qualified us to be classified by our customers as one of the best companies in our field . More

Interior Designs

We have a team of designers and we also have implementers, this gives us an advantage and distinction from the rest of the interior design and decoration design companies


Our goal in the field of construction and contracting is to maintain the distinctive footprint in the management and implementation of development that serves


Latest Projects


We can provide you with everything that is new in

Electro Mechanico Contracting

Integrated contracting works, administrative buildings equipment, banks, security and electrical networks works

Interior Construction (Decoration)

Because we have the strongest team of specialized engineers and technicians Professionals you can count on us

Remodeling Old Workspaces

The art of interior and exterior restoration, various new designs with the company's guarantee, we innovate to achieve the satisfaction of our customers

Project Planning

The process of organizing and managing the available resources (human and financial), and optimizing them

We have specialists in all fields related to interior design, contracting and interior finishes.

  • All kinds of gypsum work
  • Tiling and stone works of all kinds
  • Surveillance cameras and sound system
  • Equipping the civil defense system
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction systems
  • Drainage and water supply works
  • Electrical Works
    All kinds of paints
  • Block and plaster works of all kinds
  • All kinds of glass works
  • Iron works of all kinds
  • Conditioning work